Billy's Blues Cosmetics, Created by Celebrity Make-up Artist William Squire

What People are Saying about Billy’s Blues Cosmetics


Billy's Blues Mascara, created by Celebrity Make-up Artist William Squire“William gives away all of our ‘insider’ secrets in his Your Signature Style event – my favorite tip – the blue mascara, of course!”

– Kay Gelbord, CBS, Emmy-Award-Winning Make-up Artist

“Billy’s Blues is the only mascara I have used in the past year, it was love from the first stroke! It’s one of my staple items that lives in my purse. I love the hint of blue, whether I’m applying a little or a lot. I would have never guessed how much more my eyes popped than when I used your typical black mascaras.”

– Abby Hughes, Women’s Ski Jumping Olympic Medal Winner and World Cup Title Holder

“Billy’s Blues mascara goes on very smoothly and easily and has a silky, clean texture. I won’t leave home without it!”

– Jennifer Sullivan, Chanel Executive

“Billy’s Blues is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used. My son is being married next week and I can’t wait to wear the mascara to the wedding! Thank you.”

– Susan K. Meyers

“I love my mascara, thank you so much for sending it so beautifully wrapped! It’s a great change from my usual brown/black. Mahalo.

– Leslie Allen, Honolulu, Hawaii

Billy's Brilliance, the perfect lip gloss for any woman, created by renowned make-up artist William Squire“William, thank you so much for creating the Billy’s Blues mascara and Billy’s Brilliance lip gloss. Both are fabulous! Thank you again. I love them.”

– Emily Susanne Roberts, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you so much for Billy’s Brilliance. I love the color! It seems to go with everything I wear. I’ve just purchased Billy’s Blues mascara and can’t wait to try it.”

– Julie Carstens, Crystal Cruises

 “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Billy’s Brilliance lip gloss! I truly have compliments on my lip color every time I wear it – it is perfect with everything.”

– Marci Perkes, West Valley, Utah


What People Say about William Squire


William Squire, Creator of Billy's Blues Cosmetics, on the catwalk“Thanks, William, not only do you make me look beautiful, you make me feel beautiful as well – and that is a true gift.”

– Cat Cora, Celebrity Chef

“I never worry when I know that William is going to do my make-up. I always look great and know that I am working with the best.”

– Tipper Gore

“William is awesome! He is well respected and truly loved in the fashion world.”

– Lisa Dean, Vogue Supermodel

 “From his book to his modeling talent to his events to his make-up skills – William is the always professional and right on!”

– Tena Houser, Talent Agency Owner

“I was very lucky to find William. He is a designer’s dream – he can make anything and everything look wonderful. He is the star of any runway!”

– Yves Saint Laurent, Designer

“You want the best in the business? Go to William Squire – he knows his stuff. His information is always current and he makes learning fun.”

– Jon Abeyta, Fashion Photographer

“The before and after is amazing! William always makes me look like a ‘million’ bucks.”

– Michele Smith, TV Host and Playboy Playmate

“No one is more dependable, honest, knowledgeable or nicer than William – I think he is just wonderful.”

– Judith Fontaine, Talent Agent Icon

“William is amazing on the runway. He can teach anyone to walk like a star. He also looks great on film!”

– Richard Day, Producer, “Blind Date”

“William comes alive in front of a crowd!”

– Jennifer Robertson, Long Beach, California


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