Billy's Blues Mascara - Blue is the New Black

Billy’s Blues Mascara – BLUE is the new BLACK


Billy's Blues Mascara, created by Celebrity Make-up Artist William Squire

With one sweep of the wand, this daring mascara does it all! Exaggerate your lashes with shocking volume and depth from every angle.

A sophisticated formula and specially designed brush deliver long wearing and luscious color to each lash – without clumping, spiking or flaking!

William Squire applying Billy's Blues Mascara to Broadway Star Sandra Allen

William Squire Applying Billy’s Blues Mascara to
Broadway Star Sandra Allen


What People are Saying about Billy’s Blues Mascara

“William gives away all of our ‘insider’ secrets in his Your Signature Style event – my favorite tip – the blue mascara, of course!”

– Kay Gelbord, CBS, Emmy-Award-Winning Make-up Artist

“Billy’s Blues is the only mascara I have used in the past year, it was love from the first stroke! It’s one of my staple items that lives in my purse. I love the hint of blue, whether I’m applying a little or a lot. I would have never guessed how much more my eyes popped than when I used your typical black mascaras.”

– Abby Hughes, Women’s Ski Jumping Olympic Medal Winner and World Cup Title Holder

“Billy’s Blues mascara goes on very smoothly and easily and has a silky, clean texture. I won’t leave home without it!”

– Jennifer Sullivan, Long Beach, California

“Billy’s Blues is hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used. My son is being married next week and I can’t wait to wear the mascara to the wedding!”

– Susan K. Meyers


William Squire, Celebrity Make-up Artist and Creator of Billy's Blues Cosmetics, with Billy's Blues Mascara


“Start by applying mascara to the top of the lashes, then the underside of the lashes, to bring out the whites of your eyes. Just throw a navy blue pillow on a white couch and see how much whiter the couch looks. It is the same with mascara. Toss away those browns and blacks – no matter what color your eye – every woman should be wearing navy!”

~ William Squire, Celebrity Make-up Artist and Speaker, Creator of Billy’s Blues Cosmetics


Broadway Star Sandra Allen in Billy's Blues Mascara

Make-up Tips!

Why blue mascara? I have always put navy blue mascara on all of my clients. It still defines the lashes and adds the needed depth like a black color does, but it brightens the eyes and is perfect for all ages. Sometimes black can be a bit harsh for daytime or if someone is wanting a softer look. My navy blue is always appropriate – for whatever look you are trying to achieve – day or night!

I have heard you speak of a white couch? I use this analogy often when describing how important a blue mascara is to brightening the whites of the eyes. If you have a white couch, and add a navy blue pillow to the couch, you will see that the white couch actually appears whiter next to the blue pillow. Take the blue pillow away, and you will be amazed at the difference. It is the same with the whites of your eyes – the blue mascara next to the white of your eyes makes your whites look whiter, clearer and brighter!

Can I get dramatic results with Billy’s Blues? Yes! Billy’s Blues is a building mascara and can be applied as many times as desired. One application creates a natural, soft look, while two or three applications create much more drama! After each application, allow the mascara to dry for one minute and then reapply. And remember to always apply the mascara to the top side of the lashes first, and then sweep next on the underside.

Will Billy’s Blues smudge? Billy’s Blues is a long wearing mascara that will stay in place and not smudge or smear. I did not want to create a ‘waterproof’ mascara because I am not fond of the ingredients needed to call it waterproof. I also do not like the steps needed to take a waterproof mascara off the lashes – I believe it can be too aggressive for delicate lashes. Billy’s Blues can be worn without worry of smudging or smearing and never looks dry or flakey.

How often should I get a new mascara? The recommended amount of time to keep a mascara is three months. After three months, once it has been opened, it is time for a new mascara.


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