Billy's Brilliance, the perfect lip gloss for any woman, created by renowned make-up artist William Squire

Billy's Brilliance, the perfect lip gloss for any woman, created by renowned make-up artist William Squire

Billy’s Brilliance Lip Gloss – Bright, Beautiful, Brilliant!


A touch of the right lip-gloss on the bottom lip is so important because it catches light and reflects brightness into the eyes. It completes the whole look – whether for a casual daytime outing or a glamorous evening affair – gloss is the answer!


Billy’s Brilliance moisturizing lip-gloss has enough pink in it to work with any skin tone, but also some peach to add fullness and warmth to the face. Touches of gold and silver are imperative for shine and sparkle. It can be worn by every women – and looks stunning on any skin color.


Broadway Star Sandra Allen Wearing Billy's Brilliance

Broadway Star Sandra Allen Wearing Billy’s Brilliance


What People are Saying about Billy’s Brilliance

“William, thank you so much for creating Billy’s Blues Mascara and Billy’s Brilliance lip gloss. Both are fabulous! Thank you again. I love them.”

– Emily Susanne Roberts, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you so much for Billy’s Brilliance. I love the color! It seems to go with everything I wear. I’ve just purchased Billy’s Blues mascara and can’t wait to try it.”

– Julie Carstens, Crystal Cruises


William Squire, Renowned Make-up Artist and Creator of Billy's Blues Cosmetics

“I am always being asked, ‘What are the two most important pieces of make-up a women should own?’ My response is always the same, ‘…navy mascara and a brilliant lip-gloss!’ Wear Billy’s Brilliance alone for a natural, youthful look. Or, over lipstick, dab a touch on the center of the bottom lip for a more dramatic effect.”

~ William Squire, Celebrity Make-up Artist & Speaker, Creator of Billy’s Blues Cosmetics


Make-up Tips!

Why is lip gloss so important?  Lip gloss is the finishing touch to any make-up – it completes the look. Gloss not only add shines to the lips, but makes the lips look fuller, and makes the whole face seem to glow!

How do you apply it properly?  When you are wearing lipstick as well as a gloss, I like the gloss applied to the bottom lip only. Take the Billy’s Brilliance wand (an amazingly smooth applicator for a smooth finish) and dab generously in the middle third of the lip. When wearing alone, apply as much as needed over the entire mouth. A soft, natural lip liner will give that finished look – just make sure that the lip liner is not too dark.

What makes Billy’s Brilliance color so special?  To find a lip gloss that worked on all skin types was nearly impossible! I wanted a color that has enough pink in it to look natural and beautiful, but also enough peach in it for warmth and depth. I found the perfect color combination in Billy’s Brilliance. There is also a touch a gold and silver to add extra shine and sparkle to the lips!

Is your lip gloss moist?  Yes, not only will my lip gloss feel extraordinarily moist and look incredibly shiny, it actually contains vitamins and moisturizers. The more you wear Billy’s Brilliance, the softer and more “kissable” your lips will become.

Some gloss FEEL sticky on my lips. What about your Billy’s Brilliance?  My gloss is super sheer with lots of moisture, so you won’t ever have that heavy, sticky feeling. It is long wearing as well, so you don’t need to apply large amounts – just a dab in the center of your lip and you are good to go!


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