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Billy's Blues Foundation BrushBrush Your Way to Flawless Skin

A beautiful foundation is essential to achieving a flawless look, but the way that foundation is applied is the real key to true perfection. Clients often ask me if using a brush really makes a difference. I tell them to paint a wall–first using their fingers, then a sponge, and finally a brush. Which do they like best? The brush wins every time! Billy’s Blues Foundation Brush applies just the right amount of foundation. My Billy’s Blues Foundation Brush is smaller than many foundation brushes and glides effortlessly over the skin applying foundation evenly. It can be used as a concealer brush as well–even a liquid or cream eye shadow brush. Unlike other foundation brushes, my brush is made of lightweight durable nylon and can be cleaned easily with just soap and water. For that flawless finish, try the new Billy’s Blues Foundation Brush!



Broadway Star Sandra Allen


William Squire, Renowned Make-up Artist and Creator of Billy's Blues Cosmetics

“Whenever I need to smooth out lines under my eyes, around nose and around mouth, Billy Blues Foundation Brush is not only the proper sculpted bristle, but the size is excellent for creating the smoothest looking face, taking years off my age…that’s what people have told me and I tribute it to smoother looking skin thanks to Billy’s Blues Foundation Brush.”

-JoDell Whitehead, Business owner, Houston Texas

“A girl always needs the latest tools and advice on the topic of how to look really good! Because this brush is smaller than usual foundation brushes, it is easier to control exactly where……and just how much foundation we apply. And, we know that ‘magic’ happens with strategic placement of the product.”

-Majorie Broden – Magazine Publisher, Los Angeles, California

“I love the entire Billy’s Blues line of cosmetics – but this foundation brush is just WOW! I used to use my fingers to apply my foundation, but what difference I see by using this brush. It is so much easier and quicker and no messy foundation anywhere but on my face – where it should be!”

-Sonja Hertling, Dancer, Seattle, Washington

“I am obsessed with my B.B.’s foundation brush! My skin has ever looked smoother – it is a if I am not even wearing any foundation. This brush gives me a very light and even coverage – so sheer and light. I can also get a flawless coverage at night when I want the look to be a little heavier. And this brush is so easy to clean – just some soap and water. No more dirty sponges lying around!”

-Susan Field, Bartender, Miami Beach, Florida

“William – you are the bomb! Thank you for creating such a small, lightweight, easy to use foundation brush. It actually fits in my small make-up bag and is perfect for travel. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Renee Wong, Fashion Designer, Manhattan, New York

“The Billy’s Blues Foundation Brush is my irreplaceable go-to makeup tool. To fit my fast paced schedule, my makeup routine needs to be completely done in five minutes or less. The Billy’s Blues Foundation Brush applies a flawless finish in no time at all and is the perfect brush for touch-ups to freshen my look. I simply can’t recommend this brush highly enough.”

-Laura Miller, Entrepreneur, Nashville, Tennessee


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