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Billy’s Blues Blush – Breathtakingly Beautiful


Billy’s Blues new beautiful blush is the perfect color for any skin. The dynamic color is a blend of soft pink and delicate peach and the new, rich mineral formula makes it streak free and never powdery or dry looking. Put a natural splash of color wherever a bit of glow is needed – on the cheeks, on the forehead, along the neck, or even lightly used as a bronzer for an all over healthy look!
Broadway Star Sandra Allen wearing Billy's Brilliance and Billy's Blues Mascara

Broadway Star Sandra Allen Using Billy’s Blues Brow Pencil


What People are Saying about Billy’s Blues Blush

“I bought a Billy’s Blues blush for myself, my daughter and my daughter in law. We all have completely different skin tones and it works beautifully on all of us”

– Sheila Lee, Small business owner, Baltimore, Maryland

“I usually use crème blushes, but the silky texture of Billy’s Blues mineral blush goes on like a crème, even though it is a powder. It never looks dry or fake – I love it”

– Joanna Griffith, Homemaker, Boise, Idaho

“I love the way the blush glides on my skin I use a blush brush and it goes on effortlessly. I use it on my cheeks and all over my face for a very natural look and to add some color to my whole face”

– Deborah Johnson, Health care worker, Santa Fe, New Mexico



Blush is supposed to bring color to the face and add dimension. Never put on so much blush that it is obvious or that the color is too strong. Blush should be applied not only on the cheek area, but also along the hairline, brow bone, chin, neck, shoulders and anywhere else that a touch of color is desired!”.

~ William Squire, Celebrity Make-up Artist & Speaker, Creator of Billy’s Blues Cosmetics

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