Billy’s Blues Glow – Youthful Radiance in One Pump!

Billy’s Blues Glow is the exciting new product from William Squire that adds radiance, effervescence and that youthful glow to your skin!  One pump mixed with your moisturizer or foundation, and you will see your skin glow with vitality and sheen.  Blend smoothly on the entire face or just use as a highlighter where you want that extra glow.  Billy’s Blues Glow is also fantastic on the shoulders, arms and legs – anywhere you want to shimmer and shine – never a dull moment with Billy’s Blues Glow!

“My clients always ask me how they can make their skin look younger.  I tell them that the main difference between older and younger skin is the glow and effervescence. The older we get, the more ‘glow and sheen’ we lose, so I always add that youthfulness back into their skin with my Billy’s Blues Glow.  Just a dab and your skin looks years younger and more refreshed.  I call it Sunshine in a bottle!” 

William Squire – Celebrity Make-Up Artist & Speaker

Creator of Billy’s Blues Cosmetics


Billy’s Blues Glow, Worn by Broadway Star Sandra Allen 


What people are saying about Billy’s Blues Glow


“I see all the stars look like they are ‘glowing’ and their skin looks so pretty.  Now I know the secret – Billy’s Blues Glow.  Thank you William – I love the new me!” 

Gloria Dayse

Business Woman, Des Moines, Iowa

“I love this product so much!  I was afraid that I would look sparkly or artificial, but it just gives me a beautiful sheen to my skin.  I am 70 years old, but when I am wearing your product, I feel like I look 50 again.”

Shirley Calverter

Retired School Teacher, Portland Oregon

“I wore Billy’s Blues Glow to my daughter’s wedding and not only mixed it with my foundation on my face, but put it on my legs and arms.  Everyone commented how beautiful my skin looked.  I am sold – I wear it everyday now and love the look!  My daughter wears it as well.”

Delores Wingate

University Professor, Miami, Florida